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Medical Services

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Medical Services

Secure Mental Health Transportation

SMR provide a 24 hour service for the safe movement of patients. All secure transport staff are fully trained with clinical and restraint reduction experience and can support patients that could be vulnerable, in crisis or presenting with challenging behaviour. 

Safety and dignity is at the forefront of all care provided, ensuring each induvial journey is tailored to the patient. 

High Dependency Transport

SMR can provide a 24 hour high dependency ambulance transport services using either HCPC registered paramedics or qualified ambulance technicians alongside an emergency care assistant. This combined with fully equipped and modern ambulances means patients will receive the best quality care throughout their journey whether this be a local hospital transfer or a European repatriation.  

Event Medical Services

SMR are able to provide a range of prehospital medical services to events and productions. With qualified staff from First Responders to Paramedics with current frontline experience, ensures that we can provide the right care for any type of event. 

Our extensive experience in prehospital care allows us to support your event from initial planning until the last customer has left site.

Blood & Organ Transportation


At Southern Medical Rescue, we understand the critical nature of transporting blood and organs swiftly and safely. Our highly trained team of medical professionals is dedicated to ensuring the timely and secure transfer of these life-saving resources to those in need. With our state-of-the-art fleet of fully equipped vehicles and advanced medical technology, we are prepared to handle even the most urgent and time-sensitive situations with utmost precision.


Safety and quality are at the heart of our operations. We strictly adhere to industry regulations and employ rigorous protocols to maintain the integrity of blood and organs during transportation. Our vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge temperature control systems, ensuring optimal conditions for preservation. Our skilled specialists follow meticulous procedures to minimise the risk of contamination and ensure the highest standards of care.


At Southern Medical Rescue, we prioritise rapid response. Our dedicated dispatch team is available 24/7, ready to respond whenever an emergency arises. We work closely with medical institutions, transplant centres, and blood banks to streamline transportation, ensuring efficient coordination and prompt delivery.


Our staff are all emergency drivers trained to NHS standards and work responding to 999 calls when they are not working as part of the transplant transport team. You can be safely assured of the professional service. Southern Medical Rescue is contracted to the NHS. We provide emergency ambulances and staff to the NHS across southeast England.


When you choose Southern Medical Rescue for your emergency blood and organ transportation needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are entrusting the care of these life-saving resources to a team of professionals passionate about making a difference. Your well-being is our top priority, and we are committed to providing compassionate, reliable, and efficient services.


Contact Southern Medical Rescue today to learn more about our emergency blood and organ transportation services. Let us be your partner in saving lives and delivering hope when it matters most.

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Rescue Services

Technical Rescue

Here at SMR we are well versed in a number Technical Rescue skill. We are able to Provide:

Rope Rescue teams to ensure the safety of your staff during a production or a standby rescue team for industry.

Confined Space rescue team to provide full rescue and medical support to a wide range of confined space activities

Safety Boat provision for construction or film work on or near water, also available to support medical companies during events.

The law is clear if you produce risk then you must manage it.


You cannot rely on emergency services as your risk management procedure.


SMR can assist companies in providing rescue teams, plans, policy and procedure including reviewing and testing with full reports including HSE and industry updates and corrective action plans for any minor points raised with full technical support.


To the left are a number of specialist services we can provide.


Training Services

Getting Started

Take a look at our available First Aid courses.

Why not contact us now for a free First Aid consultation of your business to see which course would best suit your needs.


We can conduct a review of all your First Aid needs, inspect your First Aid equipment and let you know of any potential problems.

To Book on one of our open courses, see our list of up coming courses and click on the book button. If you would like book a course at your venue or would like to book multiple places please contact us using the massage on the contact us page.

List of Courses

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